Acapulco’s Unending Nightmare

4 December 2023

Embark on an Exploration of Corruption, Catastrophe, and Courage in Mexico In the wake of Hurricane Otis’ devastating strike on Acapulco, the beach paradise found itself thrust into a nightmarish […]

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Geothermal production in Utah’s Renewable Energy Corridor

28 November 2023

Cascade Institute Fellow Rebecca Pearce visited the Utah Renewable Energy Corridor and captured video of drilling at the Fervo production well, featured below. This will be Fervo’s second commercial enhanced […]

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Cascade Institute research associate Kathy Matos is guiding an EV feasibility study for the City of Victoria

17 November 2023

Kathy Matos, a research associate at the Cascade Institute and Royal Roads University Master of Arts in Environment and Management student, is leading a survey to learn what City of […]

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The most important scientific article of the last decade

8 November 2023

The Cascade Institute’s executive director, Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon, on “Global Warming in the Pipeline” by James Hansen et al. “I’ve been talking a lot about this article, which was released […]

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Buried house

The health sector and fiscal policies of fossil fuels

24 October 2023

Polycrisis fellow Megan Shipman found this commentary from Webb, Hanssen and Marten (2023) advocating for changes in fossil fuel policy to be a good example of how two systems—climate and health—and […]

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Blundell Geothermal Plant

5 October 2023

Rebecca, standing in front of a flash steam well for the Blundell geothermal plant In October 2023, the Cascade Institute’s Ultradeep Geothermal Fellow Rebecca Pearce visited Milford, Utah, home of […]

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