The pandemic’s persistence

Long Covid Post

“For many, the pandemic seems over. But the threat is not over. Although vaccination and prior Covid exposure lessen the risk, people can still get long Covid, even a severe, debilitating version like mine.”  – Georgia Lupi, an “information designer who has been experiencing symptoms of long Covid for over three years” describing her journey in The New York Times

Lupi’s poignant—and beautifully illustrated—story resonates with many others. Among adults who self-reported a positive COVID-19 test or a suspected infection three or more months ago, 14.8% experienced longer-term symptoms. Many people have struggled to find a treatment that fully alleviates their symptoms.

One woman’s struggle with long Covid is a reminder to step back from global systems and think about how individuals are affected by the crises we study. We may move past the pandemic, but for many—those still suffering from the havoc it wreaked on their communities, families, and bodies—the damage is enduring.

Megan Shipman, Cascade Institute Polycrisis Fellow

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