Mind over matter?

27 June 2024

Earlier this month, Resilience.org published a blog post analyzing Jonathan Rowson’s 2023 article, “Prefixing the World”, in which Rowson argues that “meta[crisis], not poly, should be our prefix of choice” and emphasizes that what is most needed to effectively address the interconnected issues facing humanity is a shift in societal beliefs.  The surfacing of the Rowson piece prompted an engaging discussion between Cascade Institute Executive Director Thomas Homer-Dixon and Polycrisis Fellow Megan Shipman.

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A visit to Iceland’s Hellisheiðarvirkjun geothermal power plant

20 June 2024

Rebecca Pearce, the Cascade Institute’s Energy Systems program fellow and Ultradeep Geothermal Science Lead, visited Iceland’s Hellisheiðarvirkjun geothermal power plant plant on an excursion facilitated by the Iceland Geothermal Conference (IGC) that took place May 27 – 29.

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Polycrisis in the Anthropocene: A gathering for a growing research community

13 June 2024

On May 27 and 28, a Cascade Institute-led workshop assembled the rapidly emerging global community of polycrisis researchers and analysts in Potsdam, Germany.
The workshop explored the biggest obstacles and opportunities facing the field of polycrisis analysis—from the underlying causal mechanisms to meaningful action by policymakers. 

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What we’re reading (and watching) this Earth Day

22 April 2024

This Earth Day, a few of us at the Cascade Institute got together for a themed edition of book club—sharing our current reading (and movie) picks and recommendations around the […]

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Is there no such thing as the Anthropocene?

27 March 2024

The Anthropocene: While geologists have rejected the term, the term itself has shifted to capture something more compelling yet even more worrisome. It is not about how the human impact is inscribed in rock, it is about how the human activities are pushing the planet beyond key boundaries and out of its “safe operating space,” leaving our future deeply uncertain.

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Forging Partnerships: Confronting Volcanic Realities Through Collaboration

18 March 2024

When we think of volcanoes, fear often grips our minds as we envision the catastrophes they can bring—violent eruptions, lava flows, and devastation paint a picture of danger and destruction. […]

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A deteriorating crisis situation

13 March 2024

The polycrisis is hitting home: CBC News has brought to light a 2022 report from Canada’s federal police force that recognizes the country’s response to overlapping national and global crises will be a tremendous challenge.

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ienna is set to provide district heating to 20,000 households through a system of "underground geothermal highways"

In the news: geothermal’s dynamic potential

8 March 2024

Cascade Institute Geothermal Fellow Rebecca Pearce shares her excitement for the diverse capabilities of geothermal technology, as featured in two recent news stories. From powering urban settings to cleanly extracting lithium, geothermal is gaining global recognition for its incredible potential.

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The rising interest in geothermal power

29 February 2024

This inspiring piece from the National Observer shows that it’s not only the Earth’s climate that is changing! It reveals the shifting political atmosphere in favour of sustainability and decarbonization through courageous policy maneuvers in countries like Canada, the US and even Saudi Arabia.

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Thoughts on the WEF’s 2024 Global Risks Report

22 January 2024

Thoughts on the World Economic Forum’s 2024 Global Risks Report: An exchange between the Cascade Institute’s Michael Lawrence and Thomas Homer-Dixon. 

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