A deteriorating crisis situation

Police patrol car of the specialized unity in the night time. Red and blue flashes on the car of the emergency vehicle. Police lights during traffic surveillance on the city road. Flash light on the cars of the force intervention department. Best conceptual picture for media projects.

CBC News has brought to light a 2022 report from Canada’s federal police force that recognizes the country’s response to overlapping national and global crises will be a tremendous challenge.

The heavily redacted RCMP report cites climate change and effects of “destructive weather patterns” as a key concern, entwined with economic, geopolitical, political polarization, digital security, and other heightened risks, for which Canada must better prepare.

“What we see is some of the disconnect between the strategic threat assessment … and the resources, capacities, capabilities and political will to posture Canada effectively for what is clearly going to be a very difficult future for this country,” said RCMP spokesperson Robin Percival, in CBC News coverage showcasing the report and its predictions.

Read the full CBC story—and view their scan of the report—here: Canada faces a series of ‘crises’ that will test it in the coming years, RCMP warns | CBC News

—Megan Shipman, Polycrisis Fellow


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